Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Eclipse parts that have to be on the movie...

Here is a list of my top 21 some scenes that should be in the movie.
(Note: these are in order that they appeared in the book)

1. Charlie passing notes between Bella and Jacob. - To me this just shows how bad things got between Jacob and Bella. And just how bad its hurting Jacob (Arggg, I cant believe I just said that because I am so not a Jacob fan. Team Edward all the way!!)

2. All of the newspaper articles about Seattle. - If we didn’t have this then a lot of people who didn’t read the book would be very lost.

3. The trip to see Renee. - I think this is a must because, otherwise Renee would never see how Bella and Edward act together.

4. The English note conversation.- Ok I’ll admit it, this isn’t a major thing but I just love the scene so much. I had to throw it in here, plus it’s a good follow up on the trip.

5. Save the Olympic Wolf/ Jacob scene - This Scene shows how much Bella misses Jacob and the fact that you have to work fast when there’s a psychic vampire involved.

6. Angela and Bella - Its nice to see Bella hang out with other people, other than the Cullens.

7. Alice kidnapping Bella - The amazing Porsche finally comes into play. Bella and Alice get to spend more time together. Also Rosalie becomes a little bit like-able.

8. Jacobs school rescue. - it’s a nice little touch.

9. (MIA) Room - When they really start to realize that someone is after Bella

10. Knife incident - Edward gets to be light-hearted and funny.

11. Bomb fire - Bella first gets the idea of the third wife

12. Jasper’s Story - Who doesn’t love hearing about Jasper’s past, plus it helps Bella understand being a newborn vampire a little bit more

13. The kiss - Jacob trying to make Bella realize that she loves him to, so he kisses her. Really how can this not be in it. And a bonus Emmett gets to have his very famous funny line.

14. The bet - I know that this one is small, but I like it

15. Graduation/party - A lot happens Bella figures out some major information and everyone finally gets to see the Cullens’ house. Jacob also makes Bella a bracelet (which I own)

16. Training - MAJOR

17. Comprise - MAJOR, MAJOR. Hello this is like the biggest must have ever. I say every little detail should be in the movie.

18. The tent - Bella realizes she loves both Jacob and Edward

19. The fight - need I say more

20. Poor Jacob - Jacob’s whole right side of his body is broken. Bella gets to spend time with him alone. it’s a very cute scene

21. Planning - Alice finds out she gets to plan a wedding.

So far this is my list... of course I might add a few more from here until the premiere, but as far as I´m concern this is like the core of the book.

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