Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Listen Carefully mimi : 

"The woman who is content with where God has her in life, who is content in her singleness, is not vulnerable to the emotional persuasion of foolish men who wander throught her life. But the woman who doesn't trust God's goodness, who doesn't wait on God's timing, or is controlled by feelings of incompletenes without a man in her life, that woman ignores red flags, lowers her standards, justifies a lack of Godliness, and in the end gets hurt by the very man she wanted to love her. " sincerelly GOD :) 

It's funny how sometimes God has a way of sending you an answer to your questions in the most unexpected way, this text I found it while browsing on one of the many blogs i read every day..... This confirms not only my faith but all my beliefs once again Thank you God you have the most amazing way to leave me messages when i least expect it) ;) :)

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