Thursday, July 15, 2010


As a movie fanatic, this are the movies that i've seen in this past two month some were good, some not so good....

1.-Twiligh Saga: Eclipse: As far as the story vs Book, the movie was awesome. Robert Pattion Eclipse Edward Cullen is the best, he looks more like he is describe on the books. Kristen Steward Bella is good too, the only flaw is the wig, that was a huge no-no, hopefully for the final two movies it'll be her own hair. Make up was excellent. All the important things are in the movie. The love triangle was portrait beautifully by all involved, also the back story of Jasper and Rosalie was perfect. The Wolves are even better than in New Moon. The final battle scene was epic. All in all as a book reader i was satisfied.

2.-Sex & The City 2: I was really exited to go see this movie, I went to see it with a couple of my friends and the sentiment of all of us was the same at the end of the movie, as fanatics it was good, but we were expecting something else. Initially, everyone seemed to be in good form – a bit of a cheer when Mr. Big came on screen; gasps and giggles in response to the first few jokes….then uncomfortable silence. To say I loved the original show is an understatement. As I enter my late twenties/early thirties, the reruns are even more relevant. The characters in the show discussed sexuality in a fresh, exciting way. They were women you could look up to – intelligent, confident, self-assured. They bear zero resemblance to the four self-indulgent, disrespectful, two dimensional creatures I had to watch.

I doubt any fan will take my advice and not go – I would have ignored it myself. The movie seems to symbolise everything that has gone wrong lately – by blindly pursuing materialism we lose what's really important. This movie spells that out – and leaves you feeling ashamed for having loved them so much in the first place. Having said that, I watched an episode in the series a night later and realised that, actually, I'm not an idiot – they used to discuss interesting, relevant issues – just in fabulous clothes.

3.-The A-Team : I was a fan of the TV show, and for me the movie took me back to those days were my early evenings were spend watching this show. To say that Bradley Cooper is sunchine to my eyes is well and understatement.. Je je je je All I say is if you are not familiar with the TV series the movie does not represent much for you.. so see it at your own risk.

4.-The Lovely Bones: It is a sad story of a girl relating how she was rape and murdered by a man that lived across the street from her. Her father quest to find her killer and a message to everybody that the person that you least expect could do things as horrible as any known criminal.

5.-The Time Traveler Wife: this movie tells the story of a man that is able to travel in time. During his travel he meets a girl and falls in love, he manages to have a relationship with her even thought he keeps traveling in time. The problen is that he can not control when he comes and goes, thus this represents a problem. To say I was dissapointed with how this movie ended is little, I mean all this two people went throught for their relationship and the movies ends leaving you really mad. I personally don't recomended.. But watch it at your own risk.

6.-Dear Jhon: At first, it was just dull. I mean, I know it was trying to build up the characters and establish a good story line, but I was a tad bit uninterested, just because the characters were so plain at the time. Though it does set up things rather well, it lacks in any really high appeal from the moment it comes on the screen, if that makes sense.
Anyway, on to the rest of the movie. Though there were times when I was very interested, it just overall was nothing special. The performances by each individual actor were extremely questionable. For instance, Channing Tatum was unable to display any real sense of emotion except for maybe two scenes in the entire movie, and Amanda Seyfried seemed like it was just too big of a role for her to play. While they both didn't do so hot separately, I have to say the chemistry between them when they were on set together was believable, intense and undeniably noteworthy; Certainly the best thing about the movie, in my opinion.
It was interesting and entertaining, and I enjoyed it... lightly. With all that said, it again falls short of being rewatchable with it's extreme dullness throughout and lack of powerful, independent, likable performances. Not anything special, but certainly not anything bad, and I recommend you don't watch it with high expectations, because you'll be very disappointed, but if you're not an extreme critic and you're just looking to blow some time, or are extremely hard up for Channing Tatum shirtless, you can and will enjoy this in some way.

7.-Leap Year: as chick flicks goes this one was good, is a predictable romantic comedy that captures female psychology well. I can see women loving this film so much because it is so romantic and full of love. Amy Adams acts well in her role, she portrays her desire to be married so well that even by looking at her face, you know she wants to get a proposal so much.
"Leap Year" showcases amazing Irish scenery, with all the right colours, composition and saturation. I am also impressed by the technical side of it, as the filmmakers paid a lot of details into location scouting, set decoration and composing a scene. It makes "Leap Year" visually so pleasing to watch.

8.- Clash of the Titans : When it first came out i was discourage to see it because of all the bad reviews that I read, in the end a friend let me borrow her copy of the movie and I ended up watching it at home. The movie was even worse than I had expected..
There is no viewer connection with any of the characters and the dialogues are the worst I've ever seen. All that this movie existed of was battles with 2 lines in between broadly explaining the next creature to fight. Don't get me wrong, this I had expected. But even the fighting scenes were bad! All you could see was people running at yet another unoriginal monster, only to see them flying in the next frame as they apparently have been knocked back! or something anyways...
My only regret is that I lost almost two hours of my life in a movie that I wasted.
9.- The Secret in their Eyes: (El Secreto de sus Ojos) as a movie fanatic I have to confess that i decided to watch this movie because of a recomendation from a friend. Initially , the plot and the character build up seemed nothing out of the ordinary but then gradually as the movie progressed it held me in rapt attention.Then it was simply impossible to let go, I was entirely swathed in this marvelous and sublime creation. The story line, the direction,the acting, editing, background music etc. simply sublime. This is the kind of movie which mesmerizes you, captivates you and simply won't let go. The human emotions expressed and portrayed are bound to touch the viewer regardless of the region he belongs to. This is the kind of movie which exemplifies that cinema has no boundaries and has an universal appeal. A must see for all movie aficionados

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