Saturday, December 03, 2011

Snow White and The Huntsman

2012 is the year in which we are going to finally see this famous farytale on the big screen but with a twist. Saw the first trailer a couple of weeks ago and here are the 4 things that really got me even more happy than I was since I read about the movie being made:

1.- The voice over : when you see Trailers they only show you clips of important parts of the movie, to give you and idea of what to expect. But on the SWATH trailer you not only get one but three voice overs.. that in my opinion only make you more desperate for the release of this movie. The voice Over where:

EVIL QUEEN: Do you hear that? It’s the sound of battles fought and lives lost. It once pained me to know that I am the cause of such despair, but now their cries give me strength. Beauty is my power.

EVIL QUEEN: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is fairest of them all?
MIRROR, MIRROR: You are the fairest, but there is another destined to surpass you. Consumer her heart and you shall live forever.
EVIL QUEEN: Find me someone who doesn’t fear the dark forest to hunt her down.

HUNTSMAN: Why is she of such value?
EVIL QUEEN: That is none of your concern.
HUNTSMAN: And if I refuse?
[Answered with a half dozen spears aimed at his gut.]

EVIL QUEEN: Lips red as blood. Hair black as night. Bring me your heart my dear, dear Snow White.

2. The especial Effects or the CGI that's being use on this movie is awesome,like for example: the bursting crow, the slashed torso of the statute minion, the rapid age-to-death victim’s face, THE MIRROR, the BROKEN MIRROR. All serve the purpose of saying, “Yes, this is the tale you know, but you have never seen it like this.”

3.- Miss Charlize Theron: one of my favorite actress, is no wonder she won and academy award for her performance in Monster, and on this trailer she's showing us that she can be beutifull and evil at the same time.

4.- Miss Kristen Stewart: she is in my opinion one of the most talented actress of her generation, I'm a fan and I admire her for the way she's handle this well deserve fame. I think that her performance as Snow White will be talked about for years, as we see on the trailers and many set pictures on the web, this heroine is going to be figthing shoulder to shoulder with all her friends. She's not gonna be a danmisel in disstress waiting for prince charming to come and save her.

And this was only a 1:47 seconds of trailer..... I can just imagine what we'll see once the movie hits theaters ........Summer 2012 .

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