Friday, January 12, 2007

Ugly Redefine
In this day and age were looks are everything, and we have models, teenagers and adults dying of anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders, just because they want to fit in with the status quo that society stablishes. For me was a Joy when last fall I saw a new show based on a latin american soap opera, this show call Ugly betty, has shown the world that it is more important to be real, smart, passionate, determined and ugly like Betty, than to look like the cover model from vogue.
That we need to love ourselfs in order for other people to love us, we don't need to portrait ourselves as the model's from a runway show, we just need to be us.
This is a hard crusade but i'm joining the campaing, to raise awareness that being beutifull and skiny is not the way to be happy, that starving yourself to death or trowing up everything you eat, is not the way to make a men-woman fall in love with you.
I've always felt like this, since I'm a little chuby, when I was young I used to let people bring me down because of how i look, but as time has pass, I've realized that Loving myself is more important than pleasing everybody, and living my life just the way I want it.

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